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Our work is guided by the most currently available student achievement, course enrollment, and school performance data. We believe in following the data and providing appropriate intervention throughout the k-12 continuum. For example, the 4th-grade NAEP performance of Black and Hispanic students provides a clear indication of the importance of early intervention.

Without such intervention, the low performance on the 8th-grade NAEP testing is entirely predictable, as is the resulting failure of Black and Hispanic students to enter into the middle school advanced math and foreign language pipelines and their subsequent under enrollment in honors and AP classes at the high school level.

We believe that by working with parents and students during the primary grades, and supporting parents and students throughout the middle and high school years, we can implement the necessary intervention strategies to propel students into higher level coursework during the middle and high school grades.

Too frequently, Black and Hispanic students, along with students from low socioeconomic backgrounds are written off early in the process. Low expectations, coupled with limited college planning information, denies these students and families access into the programs and opportunities that prepare students for college admissions and college success.

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2009 CRCT Scores
2008 Georgia High School Graduation Test Results

Georgia High School Graduation Rates
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2007 Georgia ACT Student Performance
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2007 Georgia SAT Performance
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Georgia 6-Year College Graduation Rates

National 6-Year College Graduation Rates