Helping Students Pursue Their College & Career Aspirations

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For nearly three decades, Mychal Wynn has worked with schools and school districts throughout the United States, Canada, the Caribbean, and Bermuda. A child of poverty, product of urban schools, and first-generation college graduate, Mr. Wynn has taught children and adult learners, co-founded a publishing company, authored 25 books, and in his current role as the CEO of our foundation, has had a longstanding commitment to widening the primary-to-postsecondary pathway to college and careers for all students.

What Does Mychal Wynn Do?

Mychal Wynn is a strategist who delivers high-energy, insightful, informative, motivational, and thought- provoking presentations. He synthesizes research, analyzes disaggregated student performance data, and uses anecdotes, visuals, and personal experiences to frame the challenges facing teachers, issues confronting parents, and barriers that students must overcome. Audiences leave a Mychal Wynn presentation knowing why, “It′s All About Strategy”—strategies to achieve school improvement goals, strategies to increase instructional effectiveness of teachers, strategies to increase parent capacity, and strategies to motivate and cultivate successful students.

Who Benefits Most?

School Districts, individual schools, agencies, and organizations that want strategies that will help teachers, expand parent capacity, and motivate students in such areas as:

  • Increasing student achievement for ALL students
  • Closing the college-knowledge gap
  • Encouraging more rigorous course taking
  • Motivating students to accept ownership of their own learning
  • Building stronger school-community partnerships
  • Increasing cultural competency and building stronger teacher-student-family relationships
  • Raising test scores and increasing time-on-task

Mr. Wynn′s presentation style engages parents, connects with students, and inspires teachers. However, Mychal believes that inspiration is good, however, information is better! Educators, parents, and students must leave with strategies.

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Parent Involvement Seminars

Involving parents in the schooling of their children is essential to the process of nurturing the academic, social, cultural, and humanistic development of children. Sharing strategies and ideas with parents of how to have a meaningful involvement in their child’s education most frequently occurs through our local schools; however, it may occur at faith and community organizations, through fraternities and sororities, via lunchtime discussions at local businesses, or at small gatherings in living rooms and on front porches.

The seminars cover such topics as:

  • Assisting parents with school readiness strategies
  • Assisting parents in developing K - 12 academic and social development plans to
    prepare their children for college and careers
  • Assisting faith and community organizations in developing education programs to
    support parents in ensuring the academic achievement of their children
  • Assisting athletic programs and community organizations in increasing parent
    involvement by expanding parent awareness of the long-term college and career
    opportunities resulting from their child’s involvement in athletic and community
    service programs
  • Presenting lunchtime seminars at local businesses and parent-to-parent discussions
    in living rooms and on front porches
  • Building a stronger PTA/PTSA to support local schools and to support parents in
    increasing student achievement
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College-Planning Seminars

Based on U.S. Department of Education data, only 2 in 10 kindergarten students are projected to graduate from college. The challenges are even greater for students of color, students living in poverty, and male students. Recent ACT performance data indicates that only 11 in 100 Hispanic and 4 in 100 Black high school seniors demonstrate college readiness in all subject areas.

The Win with Wynn College-Planning Series focuses on early intervention by raising the expectations and aspirations of students, expanding parental involvement, and cultivating a college-bound culture within schools or organizations, through books and seminars that:

  • Prepare students for the rigor of the Common Core Standards for college and
    career readiness.
  • Inspire hope in students by connecting future aspirations to current learning
  • Provide a practical context for parents to understand their role in the academic
    planning, growth, and development of their children,
  • Bridge the college knowledge gap for school counselors unable to provide students
    with the level of individualized attention necessary to
    formulate comprehensive college-bound plans.
  • Assist educators in developing culturally responsive strategies to the barriers facing
    families living in poverty, students who will be the first in their family to attend college,
    and immigrant and migrant families, and provide a framework for expanding
    mentor- mentee discussions.
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Increasing Black Male Achievement

Black males represent an identifiable subgroup facing unique barriers and requiring culturally responsive strategies. Through partnerships with schools, mentoring programs, faith organizations, community agencies and parents, we are pursuing strategic conversations focused on achieving systemic and sustainable increases in Black male achievement.

These conversations are facilitated by Mychal Wynn, a child of poverty, product of public education in an urban setting, first-generation college graduate, parent of two Black males, author of 26 books, and board member of the National Council for the Education of Black Children.

Through Mr. Wynn’s extensive experience, participants are introduced to strategies that are responsive to:

  • Unique socioeconomic, cultural, gender, and academic barriers confronting
    the Black males.
  • The cross-gender, cross-cultural, cross-generational, and cross-socioeconomic gaps
    experienced by students and classroom teachers
  • The predictable college knowledge gap experienced by children living in poverty
  • The peer and societal pressures that attempt to define their place and limit their
    college/career aspirations
  • The predictable cultural isolation experienced when enrolled in advanced academic
    classes or pursuing activities outside of group and societal cultural norms
  • The institutional and community culture of low academic expectations.
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Is your school, school district, organization, PTA/PTSA, or academic program interested in arranging a presentation or seminar? We can arrange to share important student achievement strategies through a keynote address, workshop, staff development, parent seminar, or student presentation. Complete the speaker request form online or download and submit via FAX to (770) 587-0862. Please note that all books, materials, and speaker requests are handled by Ms. Shannon Holland at Rising Sun Publishing (770) 518-0369.