Helping Students Pursue Their College & Career Aspirations

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Everyone has a Role

In the book, First in the Family: Advice about College from First-Generation Students, a student is quoted as saying:

“The middle of your senior year, you have to see your counselor to see where you’re standing at, your academic standing. That’s when she just told me what I was going to do. She said, ‘Oh, just go to like a trade school, just get a certificate, or go to a community college where you get all the basics.’ I said, ‘No, I don’t want to do that , I want to go to college.’ She said, ‘No, you’re not going to college, you can’t apply.’ I ’m like, ‘Why not?’ She said, ‘They’re just not going to accept you, you’re not ranked in the top tenth of the high school.’ ”

We need your help to ensure that fewer students do not have their college-bound dreams crushed either through their own failure to apply themselves academically or from our schools’ failure to provide them with the necessary tools and guidance.

How You Can Help...

College planning and preparation is a knowledge-intensive process that many families and students are unprepared to navigate. They rarely understand the importance of literacy and numeracy during the primary grades; the importance of entering into the advanced math, science, and foreign language pipelines during middle school; or the importance of high school coursework and extracurricular activities on college admissions and scholarship opportunities. You can support our efforts by:

  • providing partnership opportunities with your school, school district, PTA/PTSA, and faith/community organization, so that our foundation may assist parents and students within your community in expanding their college knowledge and developing comprehensive college and career plans;
  • sharing the research, links, and information contained on this web site with students, families, and organizations within your community to open the pathway to college for many more students; and
  • providing financial support through donations, contracting for services, purchasing materials, or writing us into your grant.